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Wood For Body

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Okay, this is cool. I have learned that the city I live in (Burlington Ontario) has a store/shop called Exotic woods, and I can pretty much get any kind of wood possible.

At first I was looking at Mahogany because I know that mahogany will give me the sound I want. Does anyone know what other cool/different woods can give me the same tone? I don't care about weight.

Here's the PDF list of their stock.


PS. No soft woods.

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Limba is a great mahogany sounding wood with sweeter highs (I don't know from personal experience, only from what I've read). From what I understand , swamp ash is similar to mahogany as well, except not as dark. (again from what I've read). If you like mahogany, I would stick with that. That, alder, basswood, poplar, and maple are the only woods I've had experience with so far.

You can find descriptions of on that list on warmoth.com.

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A&M specialty woods is in Cambridge, just off the 401, as well. They were very helpful when I called them, and I ordered a 2-piece blank made from Limba for my first project. I have no basis of comparison, but I've heard Limba being rated quite highly (slightly more prized than Mahogany by some) and its similarity to Mahogany (tone-wise, that is) is what convinced me. Apparently it's a bit lighter than mahogany, but not likely enough that the weight should be the deciding factor necessarily.

Anyhow, just thought I'd give you a heads-up to Ontario wood/parts source:

A&M Wood


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