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Drill Bits

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Hi, simple question here,

What are the most ideal drill bits for drilling hardwoods such as mahogany, maple and rosewood. I'm not making many guitars so I don't think I need a perticuarly pro set but also i don't want to ruin the guitar by using cheap tools.

So should i get carbon steel or will high-speed drill bits suffice.



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First off, wrong section.....I would go with Brad Point Bits. They are designed for wood. As for HSS or HCS, I don't know off hand.

EDIT: Here's an article about HSS & HCS:


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For larger diameters than you can get brad point bits (or if the size brad points you need are prohibitively expensive), look at forstner bits - they make very, very clean holes (although not quite as good as brad points), and start at about 1/2" and go up to around 3" at most shops.

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