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Center Line

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I have a pre-routed body and am not sure on the best way to find the centre-line,

I know how to place the neck with the bridge installed but do you not measure up the bridge (in this case a two point trem) using the guitars centre line?

(the neck is mighty-mite and fits nice and tight however from looking at it i believe it maybe a very little of centre with the body),



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take a neck pocket,and at one side,the side closest to the neck,mesure and find the centr line,and then take the opposite side,and do the same,and them jion the two lines and extend them wereever you want

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whitey's method works but I find that I can be more accurate by finding the center of the neck at the nut and the center of the neck at the 21st fret. I then mount the neck- screws and all- just as it will be when I play it. Then I simply run a long straight edge through my marks on the neck and mark a line on the body. To me this helps ensure that if the neck sits in the pocket a little off course it makes the natural discrepincy the centerline. Hope this helps, however I have only made two guitars from scratch, so there may be better information to be had from other members here. Good Luck.

Nate Robinson

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