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Contoured Heel

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I just finished all the routing for a JEM style body, and I'm contemplating how to contour my neck; the problem being I have no clue how.

I just spent the last hour searching Google and these forums for help, but I couldn't find much detailed information. If any of you know of any topics that could be of relevance off hand, could you please inform me of where they're situated?

Or rather if any of you could help me out with the following questions...

What's the minimum thickness that I heel could have?

If I chose to make an AANJ heel, would that require that the neck cavity run into the neck pup cavity?

I'm very lost. The only reason why I'm not trying anything myself right now is because it's 4am. My neighbors bitched at me enough when I decided to cut down a cedar tree in the afternoon.

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Project Guitar Tutorials

Have you got a chance to look at these, they might be of some help to you if you haven't seen them already! Good luck with your neck, I myself am in the process of doing my first neck. I've read a few posts on this and it seems that most of them prefer to use a rasp, a file, and sandpaper. I don't know the exact details of specific types of rasps and files, the more experienced member will have to give you those details. And I'm not sure about those measurements either, but if you know of a guitar you would like it to feel like you can borrow the specs from that.

Ibanez Necks

Here are some of the neck numbers, not sure if thats what you needed. Also they have a page for the AANJ on there somewhere, might be of some help. Good Luck and let us know how it works out! Jason

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Most jmrentis is spot on. I did a JEM countored heel and I used a rasp and sandpaper for the job. You won't find detailed dimensions anywhere on the net as far as I know. I just went be feel and the pictures URL=http://www.jemsite.com/axes/htm_features/neckjoint.htm]here.

If your body has the standard JEM thickness of 45mm it should be quite obvious how much wood take off approximately by looking at these pictures.

I thought about how to do the joint too much at the time....simply do it it's very simple really....just go by feel and these pictures....

Good luck,


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Thanks a lot guys! The information you supplied should be helpful enough for me to handle it. I was just mainly wondering if there were any specific tricks or rules. I actually routed the body originally for a non-AANJ neck, but I think an ANNJ guitar would be a more interesting idea. I have a Godin LG, which oddly enough seems to have an AANJ as well that I can base my project off. I've got some routing to do :D

Thanks again!

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