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Radius Sanding Blocks


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I was thinking of going the route of an fret pressing arbor for a drill press for now. And I was wondering would the cauls for the arbor press work any good for making your own radiused sanding blocks? Any thoughts on this, it could kill two birds with one stone. Also does anyone have opinions on the fret pressing arbor from stew mac? Thanks for the help! Jason

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You can get the same press for about half the price at harbor freight, although you'll have to machine (or have machined) a way to attach something to the end of the ram - I think the harbor freight one comes with a solid ram while the stewmac one has a hole in the end and a set screw hole. I'm not sure how you could use the cauls to make sanding blocks though - most of the ways people around here talk about making them involves a router on a swinging platform.

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