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Warwick Fortress Refit

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hey guys. I have just bought a Warwick Fortress from 96' of the 'bay. Some of the parts have aged. THe gold has rubbed off some of the tailpeice and bridge and the screws are pitted to a small extent. Also it has some of the worst case of bucklerash i have ever seen.

Where can i get Warwick Tailpeices and bridges from that will deliver to the UK which require no modification to fit to my current warwick?

Also I want to try and sand down the warwicks body completely. How thick is the finish on warwicks in general and how hard would it be to take it off by sandpapering it off by hand?

Heres some pics.



Cheers guys.

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Heck, I'd leave it as is. It gives the bass some character, some mojo.

If you must, though, the best place to get your hardware would either be eBay or directly from Warwick.

As for finishing, I'm not sure the height of the paint. Just expect it to take quite a while.

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ahh well im afraid its not a fender bass here :D besides. It needs some fag burn marks and strippers undies stuck on with superglue.

Silly Brits calling cigarettes fags. Someone who didn't know that may think you are talking about something COMPLETELY different! :D

Oh, and I think you should keep it as it is! B)

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