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Hi, i'm refinishing my Gibson SG. I am going to stain it. I have the stain, and was wondering if i just apply it as i would normally.... that's what i am assuming. Next, i want to put a Spray can Laquer on. How do i get a good, thick coat? I'm not sure what to do, and then get the great shine... Can someone help me????

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Ya, i read that.. can someone clarify stuff for me??? Alright, Correct me if i'm wrong. Sand the wood, then stain it, then apply the spray laquer. Then what??? can i stop here, and just leave it? Will it turn out to be a nice glossy finish?? In the Stew mac thing, then do another step, which i dont understand.(with the buffer)... what do you do? After applying laquer, sand it? I dont understand about the whole "wet sanding" thing. Sorry for all the questions...

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you need to read up...use the search feature on this site...read up on buffing and basic finishing steps...it is all here ...many,many pages of it spelled out in great detail...you will never get anyone to spell it out like that for you again(in such detail) because we all know it is here


all of those pinned topics are very good

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