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A Necks First Finish

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What kind of wood is it made from?

What kind of finish are you looking for?

Something high gloss, matte finish, smooth or hard like laquer?

I really like oil finished necks like tru-oil or formby's tung oil on maple necks for a smooth matte finish.

You just wipe it on, let dry, rub out with 0000 steel wool after about 3-4 coats and repeat if you feel like it.

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Thanks for your response. In regards to your question, it is a flame maple baritone neck with an ebony fret board. Really for now I just want a clear look to it. Up until the guy at Warmoth told me, I never really knew you had to put a finish on a neck. I thought you could just leave the wood.

So I guess I just want to seal it off with something clear, and something that isn't going to be sticky. I want my hand to be able to slide easily. They guy from warmoth told me that he recomended "Minwax Wipe on polyurethane." Do others recomend this?

Also, would I just rub it on the neck or the fret board too?

Thanks for all your help.

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