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Wiring Four Speakers In A Parallel


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If I am wiring four 16ohm speakers in a parallel (to get 4ohms output) do I solder two positives (or negatives) to the same post to continue the circuit, or do I get some kind of adapter to do that. Just wondering so I don't fry anything. Thanks. Also, I bought a 1/4 inch jack at Radio Shack to connect to the speakers for the output. How do I know which post is positive on the jack if it is not labeled, or doesn't it matter.

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Do the math:


| -----16----|






Which, in turn, becomes:


You want to wire all the hots together and all the grounds together - if you draw a line from one side of the plug to the other, you should NEVER be able to go through more than one speaker.

As to your question about which is which, it's standard for the "tip" portion of the jack (the terminal that would touch the pointy end of the plug) to be hot and the sleeve to be ground. Please note that this is just standard and may not be true for the thing you're using it for.

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You don't need to open a new thread to ask a second question -you could have just asked in the original thread you started yesterday on this same subject. That not only helps keep the clutter down in the forum, but it makes it easier for anybody else who needs the same info to find it without having to read several threads for one good answer.

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As I said in another post, LK has described a lot of people's problem with using the search function on this forum. Too many posts asking the same question just "pollute" the search function. If the question is asked twice on two different topics, the search function just became half as effective. Shame on anyone who does this, and, PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE, use the search function BEFORE you post. Help keep this forum effective, useful and easy to use by "searching" first. And no double topic enties. I quit responding to anything I see posted on two or more topics by the same member on the same subject. Not that THAT is any loss!

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