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Glow In The Dark Paint

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Glow paint. Pretty expensive. Has anyone ever used this stuff before? Is it useable for guitars? Could you use the glow powder as a grain filler?

That would be an awesome les paul voodoo lol.



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Man, I thought the sixtie's were SO over! Coming back to glo-paint, are we? The actual glows byitself stuff is kinda lame, but if you had done a search on this forum topic you would already know that. Talked to death about three months ago. If you want something that gets active under blacklights, ANY of the neon-bright paints (DayGlo) will phos quite well. If you want to use it as a grain filler so it is there all the time, remember how awful the stuff looks in regular light. Pick a color and see if it is available as a phosphorescent ID oil from one of the security supply companies. If I remember right, you can only get lame red, orange, green and a neon blue. Only works under blacklight, however.

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Glow paint is expensive and a major pain in the arse to use, but it's kinda cool :D

Lights on  http://www.lgmguitars.com/images/guitars/f...uitar_light.jpg

Lights off


Awesome as always Jeremy... Did you explain how to do it in the other topic? Will have to search it then...

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Guest gsrguitars
The glow doesn't last that long, after a full charge from a UV cannon maybe about 15 minutes.  With a black light it looks wicked though.

We had a similar problem here with glow paints. A lot of people want a recreation of the Kirk Hammett "Ouija" guitar. The original - and only one produced with glow paint - is Kirk's.

We've turned down doing it in glow paints for the reason you said. I wonder - anyone know how long the original lasts in the light? I ponder if there is perhaps a better paint out there where you could make a stage presence (rather than a brief appearance!) with a glow guitar...



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Before I dump my rather vast (not kidding) experience of the glo stuff that works with blacklights, are you SURE you don't mind having to use a blacklite to keep it going? I kinda thought LGM was gonna say it lasted, like, an hour but, 15 minutes? The most fun (I was gonna say funnest, but that's not a word) band I was playing with in the 60's was theXXXXX almost said it, shame, shame, and we all had some blacklite glo stuff but mine was the most expansive; amp, cables, axe, suit, glasses, shoes; down to an upright placard with my stage name, approx. age and sexual preference all in day-glo. Without the blacklight, I was a skinny little jew-boy that thought he could play bass. With the blacklight, I was MAGNIFICENT MOLE, Bass-player extraordinaire ! Still own the tux (with long tails) and the tennis shoes that glow blue.

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The House of Kolor stuff is what I use, I've tried a few others and they suck. Most of what kills the glow is your clear coat. Most good clears (and the type of clear you have to mix the glow powder with is UV resistant, so I think the glow paint probably just doesn't get a good strong charge.

In all honesty, even with a full charge, it doesn't glow as well as it does with a black light, and unless it is absolutely pitch black, the audience will barely notice it glowing unless you have a black light. With a black light it looks incredible, it lights up an amazing amount.

One jar of the HOK stuff is enough for 2 guitars. The other trick with it is just in spraying, it's a powder that doesn't really disolve, it just suspends in the clear, so if you spray to heavy, it runs, fast and bad. It's a difficult product to spray, even harder I find than heavy metal flake.

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