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How Come Ibanez's Are Choice For Customizations?

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Amazing. I was looking and playing mine. It's a cheaper EX Series. It was beaten. So i thought to myself. "Hey that would be a cool, easy and rewarding axe to re-finish". It seems others have made this choice too. Especially the JEM ones with the handles.

Anyway, my question is: Why Ibanez's?

Is there some other factor I'm missing?

It surely can't be because the factory finish is a breeze to strip. Mine was a truely horrifing labor. Stubborn too. Unless other manufacturer's are meaner???!! Can't be....

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Ibanez's lower end guitars are popular and relatively inexpensive to upgrade. That's about it. Why buy a JEM when you can take your RG and get it 90% of the way there without having to plunk down another $1200? Also, I believe many of the original founders, mods, and admins are really into the Ibanez scene and are associated with the Jemfest site.

I'm personally not a huge Ibanez fan, just because I'm from the US and I'm generally not a fan of anything imported to begin with, but I will say that their guitars are literally the Toyota/Lexus of guitars. I'm also not a huge fan of the basswood bodies they use. They play very well and seem to offer a good value for the price you pay. I'm just more of a Fender/Gibson guy. Just about any guitar you buy off the rack anymore can be fitted with better pickups, tuners, or bridges.

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I personally think it's because this forum is just chock full of widdly-loving longhairs.

But that's just me.

Only forum on the internet with Dream Theatre fans, too.


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Guest gsrguitars

An Ibanez body is a nice clean smooth example of a guitar body. There are no hard / sharp cuts or corners to work with, no awkward shapes (with the exception being the hand grip cut out). If you're refinishing a guitar for the first time - something like an Ibanez / Strat / Tele is going to be a whole lot easier than, say a BC Rich Beast!



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