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A Very Stupid Question, About Adjusting The Truss

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if the neck bends upside, to which direction should i move the truss rod?

1. http://members.lycos.nl/y0ni/Uploader/Uploads/1.JPG

2. http://members.lycos.nl/y0ni/Uploader/Uploads/2.JPG

thanks in advance ^^

if when you sight down the neck and it's bowing towards the floor, you need to tighten it (clockwise), if it's backbowed towards the strings, and they are fretting out real bad, you need to do it counter clockwise (loosen), some are more touchy than others, and dont over tighten it, move it a bit, and play with it for a little while, and see if it moves.. some necks take a few minutes to settle in.


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the neck bows toward the strings, where should i look for it to be c-clockwise?

thats why i made thoes 2 pictures :$

thanks for helping :D

i screwed it cc wise, if i look from the body position, until the truss rod nut fell out, and yet, theres a bow.

what can i do?

and have i screwed to the right direction?

(BC Rich bronze guitar)

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I believe the second pic is the one that you want it should be counter clockwise, if you are facing the fretboard it should go from left to right, thats counter clockwise. Loosen it but not until the nut comes off, but loose, then maybe tune it a little sharp and let it sit for a couple days, and if your lucky the strings will pull the neck to straight and hopefully some forward bow or relief which then could be adjusted to preference. Some say try some heavier gauge strings to add pressure to the neck pull on it more, in attempt to give you the bow, or lack of bow you prefer. Some people like it dead straight, and some like the norm of a little forward bow(I think) or relief.

Hopefully more people will comment as there are a lot of more experienced people on this site that could verify what you need to do, but that is what I know and read here. Good luck with it, also if that doesn't work there is one more way to help fix it, but it can be dangerous to your neck, well at least a little dangerous. It involves clamps and pressure, but I wouldn't try anything like that until I've done everything else there is. Also on the main Project Guitar site I believe there is a whole section just for guitar setups and how to adjust truss rods and set intonation, so if you haven't yet check it out! Good luck and post with updates and more questions when you have them. Jason

Heres the truss rod adjustment pagePG tutorial

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