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How Will This Affect The Tone?

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I am not very experienced, only working on my 2nd guitar right now, but have found a dillemma.

I am in the process of buying a Kramer Striker guitar that has a pickguard and a pickup configuration of HSS. My question is if it is possible to fill in the single coil holes with wood putty, to enable me to use only a cover for the control cavity and to only use the humbucker, without altering the tone. I do not know what type of wood this body is made of, but any suggestions or valuble knowledge would help.


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Well, "wood putty" is something that comes in many forms, for a minor fill, a general glazing putty is acceptable, but not ideal. The easiest way in my opinion is to use a general auto body filler, that said, you will need to follow all the instructions perfectly, and ensure that it is suitable for wood(made that mistake a few too many times :D )

I believe there is thread on making a 5150 copy somewhere around here, which shows a pickup cavity fill before a refinish. A quick search should bring it up.

Edit : never mentioned anything about the tone, well it isn't actually holding the joints together, so I can't see why it would have a noticable effect, But somebody who has done that sort of fill before will probably be able to help.

and for some added sustain(err maybe, that would be questionable) you could put some lead blocks or something into the filler(I would use an aluminium based filler, in which case, start sanding and shaping it level BEFORE it dries, "cos it's a c*&t to sand" - Local Mechanic)

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I would probably opt for filling it with wood rather than any sort of putty or auto body filler. If you can't do that, I would fill it as much as possible with a block of wood, then fill in the area around it will the auto body filler.

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