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Fret Bending

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What tools do you guys use for bending / radiusing your fret wire? I built a bender last night (in a big hurry) and it didn't work very well. I'm thinking about emptying my bank account for some more tools from stewmac but I wanted to see if anyone has come up with a cheaper way to do it.

Also, what do you think about the fret-pressing arbor from stewmac? The one that goes into a drill press. Is it worth it, or can I get by with my dead-blow?

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as for the fret bender in the tutorial, i made one but i think i have to make the radius tighter so that the fret wire will bend back to the radius i want so if i want 12" radi then i think i need to make my bender10"? maybe i dont know im experimenting with it.

as for the press cawl, its great!! and worth it. i did the first board with a nylon hammer and put a few little dents in the ebony but i ironed them out luckily! then i bought the cawl and man it works soooooooo nice! im still waiting for my arbor press to be shipped though, the drill press is a ittle tricky cause of it being so far from the table top. since my guitars are neck through it makes it difficult. but once the arbor press arrives it will be a breaze! if you want to buy the arbor press, go through harbor frieght they are like 50 $ cheaper and you just have to drill and tap the end. but its definetly worth it! :D

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Thanks for the replies.

I decided to buy the tools and my credit card is in pain. :D When using the arbor, will the 9 1/2" caul work with a 10" radius fretboard? I didn't see a 10" caul as an option.

Do you use glue when using this system? If so, which type of glue?

How about holding the fret while pressing them in? Do you hold one side or just get the fret started a bit, then press?

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