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Help Thy Noob.


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Just looking at this wiring diagram, how important are the capacitators to the guitars tone or hum? What exactly do they do?


I wired mine up without the capacitator/resistor thingy. Is my guitar going to die, or even worse, sound like crap????

I did a quick search to no avail, perhaps I didn't search long enough, but meh.

Anyone who could help me out, please do! I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: I'm a noob at guitar wiring. Using the wiring diagram above and the seymour duncan pamphlet, I was able to wire it up, and it's working, I just don't know if/why I need those capacitators.

EDIT AGAIN: Now, looking at the wiring diagram for 'Seymour Duncan One Humbucker One Volume' on the Project Guitar, it does not show any capacitators needed, just a simple pickup to volume pot to jack setup. Now I'm confused!

Maybe I just need a sheilding tutorial to get rid of some of that hum (wink wink!). The pickup cavity, wiring 'hole' under the pickguard is just painted with normal paint, I've been told I need to cover it with copper foil??????

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