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Hi all, just back from paris,

today i put the hardware(execpt elec.) onto my new neckthru prs style guitar and strung it up.

i was fully expecting to have to tighten the truss rod as is usual, but..... NO! this wood is seriously strong! The wood is around 80 deg. quarter sawn, so the grain is pretty good for the strength.

you guys gotta give it a go, It is a beautiful Golden colour when lacquered and if left natural it will eventually turn very dark.

i have used it on my 4-string bass also and i am really impressed with the tone of the beast!

john :D

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hey feylya, you in ireland?

im studying Electronic Engineering, going into 4th year in oct.

As for the wood ,i got it free! my sister moved into a new apartment block last year and the wood was found in the skip, the reason i know it was iroko is that she is an architect working for the company who designed the building so she knew exactly what it was! it was a stair-thread.

so far i have not had to buy any wood axept for a rosewood fingerboard blank from stewmac.. how lucky i am.


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