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sanding a binding.....

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HI Dave and welcome to the forum :D

The thick coat of paint on an RG 550 will probably hinder you from just masking off a line and sanding down to it but you could try to do the same thing he did. Sometimes I'm amazed at what people are doing and thats just one of the things that has come up. The paint itself on your guitar is about as thick as 5-6 sheets of standard 20lb. white bond paper.

It is much easier to start out with a stripped body and mask off the area in which you don't want any paint (color) then take off your tape and clear coat over it to create the faux binding.

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hey sheriff_dave :D

the finish on this guitar was very thin, so it wasn't a big deal to do this. it was finished in about 2 hours.

i decided to do it when the wood started to show through paint on the curve where your hand lays on the guitar, and i also wanted to find out how many pieces of wood it was made of.

anyway, my friend has a rg550ltd, and you can clearly see in one place (where that guitar misses a chip of paint) that the paint is much thicker. on my guitar you could hardly feel the difference in height of the painted and stripped part, which wouldn't be a case if the paint was thicker.

i'm not sure i would recommend it. B)

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hey neven, your guitar is incredibly cool! Well i tried to do a little bit on one of the back curves just to see how thick that paint actually was, and you were right! So i think ill leave this idea. However, im getting together a nice pot of money now, so i still plan to turn my 550 into a thing of beauty :D

ill probably be on here a quite a lot from now on asking stupid questions!


Dave B)

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