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Bumps Ahhhhhh

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i have these small bumps in the paint when i paint it. I have tried light sanding. it did not work. Its not dust in the paint, they are smooth bumps. Very freaking small and patches of them all over the body. Will it show up with the clear coat, and how do i get rid of them? I have to finish the painting today. I leave for camp wednesday and tomorrow is reserved for electronics. Im using laquer paint by the way. And i did prep the body with primer.

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lets just say im in SoCal. So its damn hot, but its in the garage. So it gets about 80 to 85 in there right now. Is there anything i can do. Its my first time painting, so i dont know how to fix it.

400 grit wet/dry sandpaper becomes your friend :D.

Whe nyou get orange peel, block sand it with 400 grit wet sandpaper. It should take all of it down. Then reapply whatever you were spraying(the color, clear ect).


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i know how hard it is to wait when you want to get something finished but i think you'd do well to wait until you get back from camp to start sanding. it will give the paint time to dry well and you'll get better results. if it's not cured properly you'll mess it up worse than it is.

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