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Reranch Aerosols


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Ello! Ive currently bought a new body, no bridge routed or back panels, stripped and ive just sanded it. It was dirt cheap off ebay ( £11.50 :D )

I was browsing around and i discovered Guitar ReRanch. I emailed them about how much a translucent blue aerosol would cost. They replied telling me it was $15.95 and a clear coat is $11.95. They said one coat would do my whole body.

The type of finish im looking for is this bluemaplesmpl.jpg How could i get that sort of finish with the aerosol?

Thanks a lot B)

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One can on the color for sure but I would have to say a few on the clear. Even in their own online tutorials they use up to 3-4 cans clearing a body.

The only problem you may run across is the finish you are showing as an example is actually a two color finish. On the figured woods such as that most people will dye the wood a dark color then lightly sand off the top before adding the second brighter color hence the 3D tutorial by Kevan.

BTW welcome to the forum :D Dan!

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Hi, from a newbie on this forum I just wanted to add that getting two cans of the color is a good idea. The reason, sand throughs. It happens and if it does do you want to wait another week to get a can that might not match exactly over $15? Bill's product is good but I have always bought two cans of color just for emergencies and once I needed it.

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