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'how To' Question

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I have a 'how to' question... I did a search and couldnt find anything, and its not in the tutorials on project guitar, so I am wondering, how do you glue the side parts of the body on to the center piece of wood for a neck-thru guitar?



...with clamps?

Not quite sure I'm 'getting' the question here. You have a neck blank, you've squared up the sides, you've got body wings, and you've squared up those sides as well, if you've got a neck angle, you've probably marked that on the body (ie, glue the wings on at a slight angle, then afterwards plane the excess wood away to leave you with a nice, even flat top and back). Use brads or dowels to 'pin' the wings in place, so they won't slip and slide around when you actually apply glue, glue one side on at a time, use clamping cauls EVERYWHERE, and glue+clamp the whole shebang up.

Alternately, if you want pictures, get Melvyn Hiscock's 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar'. Step by step neck-through construction right there.

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in answer to your question...



A decent mating surface


walk around the neck thru section three times in a clockwork fashion sprinkling salt beofre you as you go and chanting "OMMMMMMM".

Sacrefice a McDonalds over the section to be glued. I find a big mac usually works best. Then apply the sacred sticky ointment to the surface to me glued and use THEE CREDITCARD OF GREAT FLATNESS to make sure the liquid is smooth across the entire surface.

Apply the surfaces and conduct the 24 hour ceremony of HOLDING IT IN PLACE WITH CLAMPS OF DOOM, chanting and dancing in a clockwise fashion as you wait.

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i use little quick clamps with a specific thickness shim placed in a certain place to angle the body wings on the neck part that runs thru the body, then i place the clamps on the peice, i prefer to do it one side at a time sidesways (see below, since i have more control, and nothing slide's around or moves


or, you can do both wings at the same time;


some people use dowels or biscuts... but eh...

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Assuming you have neck angle required. Derek's idea seems to be a pretty good one. When I have neck angle. I actually cut the angle in the profile of the neck block. It takes a bit of planning, but at that point the body is glued square to the body. When I construct this way I don't have to remove material from the neck block other than a bit of smoothing. If no angle is needed than obviously wings are glued flat to the body.

It helps to keep the outside edges of the body blank as you cut the shape if the wings. This way you can put them back while you are clamping and clamp to square edges. This also protects the bodys edges.

Pay very close attension to the joint surfaces. Be sure they are square to the top and back face. If the surfaces are joined at an angle your wings will not be flat in relation to the neck blank. This should probably go without saying but the joints should be flawless with no gaps. Take your time prepairing these surfaces they are very critical as are all joined surfaces.

As for what type of glue. I use regular Titebond(non-weather proof), not Titebond II or III. There are other glues that will be fiine, that is just what I use (for what its worth).

Peace and best of luck, Rich

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