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Nick in Fret

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I just pressed in my first set of frets. I was extremely happy with the results - thanks to all who steered me towards the press arbor!

Here's the thing:

I noticed that I installed a fret with a nick in it :D . I have a crowning file and went at it with the 300 grit side. The nick is almost completely gone now. Now my other frets are not level with the fret I just repaired / mangled.

Should I try to pull that fret out, or should I try to level the other 23 frets to it's level? I made a weak attempt at pulling it tonight and it did not want to budge (I used a soldering iron to heat it up a bit). I have them lightly glued in with TitebondII.

Any tips on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.



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