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Hi all! I'm a long time reader..and have just finally decided to join the forum. I have been working on a guitar of mine (a fender squier jagmaster, and btw, for those curious, it's a TWO PIECE...alder.. :D ). I've made it a warmoth style body (ex. unrouted) by filling in the top rout with a combination of some wall filler called "poly fill" and wood filler (hell...I know it's not the best thing to do, but it can't be any worse than having nothing at all there). I've just sanded it and primered it, and am waiting to route it, so now I'm thinking about the painting job I should do.

I've read all of LGM's tutorials...and am quite scared by all the info! I'm only 17, so I'm gonna be spraying in my garage, and have access to:

A 1.5 HP CH compessor (3.1 average scfm @ 90 psi.)

A "Pilot" (indian made... :D (found it at home)) paint gun...of whose specs I do not know...looks kinda like this:


but doesn't have the adjustment at the bottom, and has two adjustments facing out of the back of the gun. The tip is around 1.5mm.

I have painted a lot of Effect's boxes, so can paint with rattlecans with fair results, and am now looking to paint my guitar. I am familliar with the various paints, but am asking for some help on choosing the best one for the tools I have, and the finish I want to achieve, and the funds I'd like to spend.

With all that said...I would like to do an EVH stripes paint job (on a jag. style body...odd I know...but bear with), and would like to have the finish at least on par with the finish on a squier standard guitar (not great I know...but that's good enough for me...better would be excellent!). I don't have too much money, so I was thinking around $60 ($ B) ) would be a nice amount to spend. Currently I'm leaning towards the following finishing method:


In the colors: Apple Red, Gloss Black, and Gloss White

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughs against this method, or does anyone know a method that would better reach my goal with the funds I have?

Thank you all very much for any help, and for maintaining such an informative forum!


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Hey! Welcome to the forum!!! I'm 17 too, and I don't have the half of the equipment that you do :D. Don't folloy me yet, wait for others (like LGM itself or Maiden69) but, I've painted and finished until now two guitars (and I'm making my own now). I go through this:

- Sand the body from 80 grit and progress to 320;

- Apply a sanding sealer (I brush varnish... medieval huh?! :D);

- Sand again with a 320 grit;

- Apply the paint or burst you want (rattlecan or brush itself...);

- Scuff sand with 320 grit paper;

- Apply the finishing coats of VARNISH with BRUSH (at least, in Brazil, they are very good! Half polyurethane compound... big shine...); apply 2 to 3 coats a day, and wait two hours between them;

- Flat sand with 400 grit;

- 3 coats again;

- Flat sand with 600 grit;

- 3 more coats...;

- Flat sand with 800 grit;

- Buff with buffing compound (the hard one), can be made by hand (I do...);

- Buff with the medium compound (gives a great mirror and shine surface);

- If you want even more gloss, buff with the fine compound!;

Well, hope it helps you dude! A small note on "flat sand": you should sand until no "shiny spots" are visible! Well, c ya!

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I got not much time so I will post one link that is the only one you need to read if you are using cans


other than that, there is not much help I can give you, Jeremy have it prety simple to understand and I added a few notes on how I do it. Also, on a side note, the rustoleum paints suck for guitar, so stay away from them

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