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Whats An Mdf?

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Anything I can glue to MDF, or an actual MDF template


Talkin to Doug here and trying to get my templates ready and i'm just wondering what an "MDF" is or how to make an "actual MDF template"

ive drawn out all my stuff to scale in AutoCAD so far...

any help/input would be greatly appreciated so i can get this stuff done and on its way :D

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i'm just wondering what an "MDF" is

Medium Density Fibreboard - http://www.design-technology.org/mdf.htm

how to make an "actual MDF template"

If you are making drawings with CAD you are well ahead of the game. Get your drawings plotted out, real size, cut them out w/ scissors, then trace onto the template material (MDF). Then cut the template(s) out with great precision and care. Use the template(s) for your routing pleasure. :D

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Hmmm...I maybe mistaken but it sounds like you dont have much experience with wood do you?

MDF is a manufactured board made with chippings of would compressed together it stands for Medium Density Fibreboard, here is a link for you.


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Hey, how was I supposed to know that you didn't want to try to put a plank of MDF through your printer? After all, you did ask what "an MDF" was. haha

If you copy the image to microsoft paint, it will print out many sheets of paper that you can put together to make your template. Just be sure to put a light grey grid behind your plans so you can accurately line up the pages(with a steel rule) before gluing.

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