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Ok then.

You dont want to know why??? Plywood is terrible. it is not a true wood, it may be extremely strong for other applications but not up to par for guitarbuilding. I suggest you do some thinking about what type of sound you want from your guitar. Do you want it to be mellow, deep, sharp or what? then start to search google for compatible wood types. Or indeed ask here. But plywood is NOT the way to go!

Good luck mate


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Plywood has three properties that make it a poor choice for a guitar. 1, it is almost more glue than wood. 2, the grain runs in all different directions, with a guitar body you want the grain to run more or less parallel to the strings for good tonal characteristics. 3, it typically has lots of voids & glue which can make it difficult to apply a finish without coating the whole thing in a thick layer of sealer.

The cheapest guitars on the market are made of plywood, because its cheap.

If you want a light axe, go with swamp ash. Or you can choose any other real wood you like and chamber the body. But beware, if you make it too light you can throw off the balance and get a neck-heavy instrument. The heastock will want to dive toward the floor, and you'll find yourself almost lifting the neck with your fretting hand while playing. Not fun.

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Plywood has it's uses, unfortunately guitar making isn't one of them. If you want a light guitar use basswood, lightweight swamp ash, or use any wood you like and hollow it out some to make it lighter. There are better ways to get a light guitar. You could also make the body thinner than normal, as long as all your parts will fit and you have enough wood for a correctly cut neck pocket for your neck.

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wow, all helpful replys thanks guys i look foward on my future project!

I have a plywood guitar, which was one of my firsts and still has a very spot in my heart (BC Warlock copy by Tokai labelled as an Olympic for sale in the US), and it's HEAVY as sin. It's certainly heavier than my Strat.

But as has been stated, it's not all that great for building guitars, and if I didn't love this one for sentimental reasons, I would have trashed it years ago.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...

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