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parts and prs

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:D Hi just wondering where in the uk there is a good parts place and some where that sells proper tone woods. For a little while I've been going down my local moreys timber place and getting bits of ash and stuff while I got interseted in building guitars, and as for parts been takin' them off my older guitars. I've made one guitar and it was disatorus, Oh well I learned I guess B) . while I'm on the subject I can't find the book "how to build a guitar by melvyn hiscock" or somthing .Some one told me it's really good but I can't find it on amazon or nowt. Please help me! :o
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For the book by Hiscock:

Try this: http://cgi.voxhumana.nl/ukvox_store/ukvox_store.cgi

Click on: Guitar parts

Click on: Books

Click on: Books Guitar Building

The home page is: www.voxhumana.nl

Then you can choose dutch or english

It is a dutch store but they sell worldwide.

This book is in my opinion the best book written about building guitars


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cheers great site that. It's got almost every thing I need. I can see that I'll be using that in the future. :D


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Cheers I couldnt find the book on amazon because I didn't know its name B) ! oh well thanks

Cheers Rob


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