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Hammered Enamel Spray


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Hi all, I was just reading through metal matt's in progress thread, and a couple of people were talking about the textured hammered enamel paint. Here

I was wondering if anyone has used this before? I'm assuming it could be used to finish a guitar or no-one would have brought it up. How suitable is it for use on wood? What sort of prep would I need to do on the wood (mahogany) before spraying? Would I need to clear over it? For some reason I've got a picture in my head of this paint cracking / flaking, does this happen? How many coats would I need for a thick hard finish?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm kinda keen to steal this idea :D I just dont want it to go pear-shaped....

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A friend of mine found some perfect condition barstools by the dumpster at her apartment. Since she needed barstools at the time she got them, washed them down with bleach and then she and my wife painted them with some silver hammered texture paint. That was a little under two years ago and the stools still look good even after regular use.

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I painted a guitar with the same stuff, but the brush on version. Only 1 coat needed as the stuff goes on like treacle. You also can't sand it back and put another quote on.

EDIT - Make thet "put another COAT on" - been sorting quotes out all day, must have them on the brain.

It looks OK if you're into that sort of thing :D

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Haha, I just wanna try something a bit different.

I went and bought a spray can to try on some scrap, and it looks good. I think maybe for the guitar it might be better to use the brush-on version so it's a bit thicker??

How would I go using clear over the hammered finish?

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