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Definition Of Series, Split, Parallel


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Well, I have been working on bodies and necks for a while and I have finally gotten to the point of wiring the badboys up. Unfortunately, I lost my "handy dandy" book somewhere in my last move.

So could some one pont me to a place or give a quick definition or example of the terms: Series, Split, & Parallel?

Thanks for the Help! :D

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Thanks for the help.  So I would assume that wiring a HB in Series as opposed to Parallel may give it a different sound?

Of course. In series, you get the typical humbucker sound: fuller, darker, a bit mellower - and of course, the output level is hotter too. In parallel, you get less output, and a brighter, somewhat thinner sound. Something "funkier", if you will.

But there are other wiring subtleties. You can also wire them out of phase...

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