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Fret Slot On Fender Strat

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Does anyone know what is the width on a 1999 American Standard Strat? I'm going to refret it (maple neck) and I have 2 fret wire, one .020" and another .023". Will one of them work?

On Fender site they says only the radius for the replacement frets but nothing about measurements.

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Yeah, I would think it is closer to 0.023 than 0.020. 0.020 will almost surely be too small, especially on a refret. But you won't really know until you pull one or more frets and measure. Then you can plan your refret job accordingly: which fret size to use, whether to use glue and/or hammer in, whether crimping or flattening the tangs is necessary, etc. Be sure to measure the size of the barbs too... it's not just the tang size that matters. (Your size selection will also depend on whether there are any neck curvature issues you are trying to change.)

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