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Need Some Help.

Jera Woden

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ok i need to figure out how to rewire this harness.

i have a pic of the orignal i drew in case i forgot how it went. but heres the problem im not doing in orignal.

i want just a single p-90 style pickup a volume pot and a mini (kill) switch.

what ive guess is ground from pickup to outside lug on volume pot to back of pot to jack. right?

then hot lead from pup to lug 1 on the mini switch. from lug two of the mini to outsiide lug on the vol pot. hot lead from the middle lug on the pot to the hot lug on jack.

ground lead from ground lug on the jack to the bottom of the bridge.

did i miss anything? is there somethig else in need to wire in to it?

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Solder all 5 grounds to the back of the Volume pot (pickup, bridge, jack, kill switch and volume pot lug 1), then hot lead from pickup to lug 3 on the volume pot, and the hot leads from both the output jack and the kill switch to the middle lug (2).


The bridge ground isn't shown here, but it hooks up exactly like the other four ground leads. HTH

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ive checked your diagram againsit my wiring and looked at everything very close but i dont think i fully understand whats going on.

im using an allparts 6 pole mini on/on switch as my killswitch. where do i ground it to on the switch its self?

how is wiring the hot lead on the jack to lug 2 on the vol pot and the hot from the switch also to lug two going to cut the circuit?

im very new at this wiring stuff so please try to explain it in a bit more detail

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OK, here it is with the DPDT mini-toggle:


The kill switch works by shorting the output to ground, killing the signal. This is inherently quieter than opening the circuit, for reasons explained ad nauseum in previous discussions - a search for kill switch will explain further if you're interested. This is the simplest, quietest practical way to wire a single pickup with a volume and kill switch - don't forget to attach your bridge ground to the back of the volume pot as mentioned above.

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i havnt soldered anything yet but i mocked it up with some aligator clips and a hemostat to check it and it seems to work pretty good.

im sorry it sounded like i was mocking you in my last reply but i wasnt. the second explanition really hit a light bulb for me and i see what i did wrong the first few times i tried to make the switch work.

the first try i just cut the lead from the volume pot to the jack and soldered it up with out checking what poles on the switch did what. this is the first time ive done anything other than change pickups so im very prone to mistakes.

thanks again and i understand now

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