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ok so i am unsure if I should do this for my guitar... Here's what I'm thinking of doing:

2HBs and 1 piezo...

each HB with its own volume and the piezo with one too

1 tone for the HBs

2 three way switches (gibson style) for switching between neck/both/bridge pups and between piezo/both/electric. BTW, anyone knows a source for 3 way miniswitches that would do that??

2 push pulls (the volumes) for splitting each pickups

What i can see as problems...

volume swells. If i'm using, say, the piezo and both pickups, i'd have to turn down 1 volume and switch 2 three ways...

How do you think this would work? Would it be managable in gigs...


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It would certainly be managable, but only if you like trying to switch lots of things.

What sort of music are you wanting to play thru it, my opinion would be drop the bridge humbucker to keep it more simple, but its all up the sounds you want. And thats a lot of wiring too, add in an onboard preamp and its starting to get a little crowded.

Stewmac and I think lmi have on/on/on miniswitches which I believe work the same as gibson 3 ways.

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