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Jackson Dxmg Dinky Wiring Schematic...

D. Attacker

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Well, since you feel like being a dick, here's the link to the EMG-HZ wiring diagrams that took ME about 30 seconds to find on EMG's website. Impressive because I've never actually looked for that configuration before:

EMG-HZ wiring

If your guitar is equipped with the afterburner, here's that accessory diagram:


By the way, for those who don't know what F.O.A.D. stands for, it means F*ck Off And Die. Way to introduce yourself to the crowd and deal with a little ribbing.

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Everyone else - - F.O.A.D!
Telling a Mod (in your third post, no less) to F*O*A*D is not a survival technique! If you'd like to continue to play in this sandbox, you're going to need to get back on your meds and learn to moderate your tone. We've got a near-zero tolerance for that noise around here, so chill out and enjoy the forum, or expect your time here to be dizzyingly short. This crew can be very helpful, but nobody here owes you anything, and you would do well to act accordingly.
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