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Tom Anderson Pu


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Just curious to know some feedbacks from you. A friend of mine has a Drop Top and I liked the PUs (For the moment I cannot try the guitar :D ) .

My question is: how different they really are from other classic replacements like Seymour Duncan or Di marzio?

I believe they're more close to Seymour but if I would want to associate them with any model in particular, then I woulnd't know.

I would try them in my next project, something like H1- / SA1 / H2+ or maybe two singol coils. They would be more expensive for me than other brands so I'm asking. I've heard about Anderson like a temporary trend but they wouldn't be so good, then there's who swears they really are something special.

Ok, it always is a matter of taste but.... let's go with your comments about :D

Edit: do you know where I can find the Switchero scheme? I found a link here but the page has been removed.

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They're great pickups, and they are near impossible to substitute or duplicate, because he uses neodynium magnets and larger pole pieces. Even the Duncan Quarter Pound pickup is similar only in looks. The USA Schecter pickups are probably similar. They come from the same school. I would treat them as a distinctive choice, and if you wanted that sound, get those pickups. Otherwise expect something different. The attack and the response curve are different just from the construction method alone, regardless of the turns or wire gauge.

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