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Hey guys.

Just realized that I'm not sure how to wire my Dimarzio Steve's Special and Air Norton to a Stew Mac Mega P Switch. I'd like to follow the Mega's instructions but all I know is that the hot of each pup is the red.

According to the Dimarzio instructions the bare wire is ground but the Mega instructions refer to the "ground" and the "shield" from the pickup. I'm not sure what the "shield" is or for that matter, what the black, white and greens on the pups are.

Anywhere you can point me? I've tried searching but havent found a match for my problem. I'll keep looking though.

Lastly, the Mega Switch instructions refer to a "Series Link" from both the neck pickup and bridge pickup. It represents a lead in the diagram. Would this be the black and white wires soldered together?



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For Dimarzios, bare is shield, green is ground, black/white is series link, and red is hot.

If that is the case, you've answered everything I need to know! Thanks!

Just in case I wasn't giving enough info though, here' some more.

The guitar is my project guitar. Here's the body I'm wiring up...


Both the Dimarzio Air Norton and Steve's Special are 4 conductor pups with a bare wire ground. The four conductors are black, red, white and green.

The Stew Mac Mega Switch wiring diagram is in the link. Notice it says that for the wiring to work, the outside coils of the 2 pups must have opposite magnetic polarity and if placed over each other, should attract. So I laid out the pups as they'd be on the guitar and folded them like a book on to each other like a book, so that the opposite coils were over each other and yes, they attracted. So I think I'm OK there.


Thanks for helping me out.


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