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Set Neck Measurements

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I am getting ready to begin making a guitar (PRS McCarty Style) with a set glued in neck. I have been looking around for some measurements on what the tenon joint is supposed to look like. I couldn't find exact measurements, the only thing I found were some pictures. The picture on this site set neck joint pic

and this site

side view

were somewhat helpful but I still dont know the exact measurements. Also Does the pick upsit right on top of this joint?

And what would be a measurement where the roundness of the back of the neck begins to flatton off. That might sound confusing but I mean on the back of the neck the part that meets the body it is squared off. This is a picture of what I mean.


I see some different amounts or lengths of flatness as it hits the body. Is there a specific amout that should be squared off before it hits the body especially for set necks?

And the last thing is How can I find the location and shapes of the cavities in the back of the guitar where all the electronics will sit?

Well that is a ton of stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to iron some questions before I begin. Thanks a lot.

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Welcome to the forum :D

From what I can recall the end of the joint butt's up against the bridge side of the neck pickup cavity route and yes the pickup sets right on top of it with the wings falling over the side's. I think (not positive) the thickness of the extension was 5/8" and the flat/roundness of the back sticks out almost 2" from the back of the guitar.

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