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What Wood Dimensions Would I Need

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I'd be using something similar to the Carvin neck thru such as this one http://www.carvin.com/products/single.php?...r=NT6&CID=GTR/K and I'll build my own wings to go with it. I'm aiming for a soloist (Jackson type) body size, which is basically a super strat (a little smaller and pointier). I'd like to have enough wood for 2 tries (eh you never know what you may mess up :D). It's going to be Mahogany.

What dimensions do I need? I don't have any bodies I can't measure up at the moment, and I have problems with the imperial system (blame it on us French).

Yeah I could measure up, convert, take notes, but it's way faster to just ask a bunch of people who've been using those dimensions I'm asking for B)

Also, what place in Europe or the UK makes REALLY good guitar wood (i.e resonant, with a nice grain) and would have what I'm looking for? So far I had a look at craft guitars and I'll call them up to get more information, they seem great but I'm looking for as many solutions as possible.

And sorry for doing another thread, but the first one was inappropriately named and I guess I got all the info I asked on it already... :D

Thanks guys!

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i generally start with a blank about 14" x 24'' for a bolt on neck..deduct the width of the neck through part and you should be good to go.

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