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Switching Options With Leds


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since using leds has been all the rage lately i was wondering if anyone else had tried this:

for those of us who dont' use all the multi switch functions. for instance. i have a standard five way switch that has two seperate sections on it. most strats use the second side for the tone controls

i decided to let one side of the switch do the switching. standard




no coil cutting or anything like that. but let the other side do soemthing useful. i mounted three leds parrallel to my 5 way and have the leds switched with the 5 way. since i only needed two on at any given time i used a common ground bust heavy copper wire from a stripped tube amp. and connected the positive sides to the switch and used the "output" of the second side fo the switch to connect to the 1.5k resistor and the battery.

i didnt' use a stereo jack [for lack of having one] so i used a dpdt slide switch mounted with hot glue and two pop rivets to the back control cavity.

i will try to post a schematic but its really quite easy.

the next step here is to mount superbright smt blue led's underneath the knobs that i have covered with aluminum shield tape to help reflect the light under the knobs provided by the leds. the trick is keeping the small fragile wires from breaking after you solder them to the leds quite small but cheap and bright from mouser. like .05 each.


3 green leds standard diffused 3mm leds from circuit specialists bag of 300 2bucks.

anyway ciao


PICS Ledsb4Gluing.jpg

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I had a very similar idea recently. I was going to have the same pickup configuration, but have all the splits and phase stuff in there too.

I was going to have one LED for each coil, and have the type of LED's that change color when you reverse the current. So, I could see green means the coil is on, amber is on and out-of-phase. The switching for all that became a nightmare and I gave up.

I was also going to have a semi transparent pickguard and have the LED's hidden. They would glow from the underside and make a little green or amber dot under each coil.

Here's your chance to steal my idea now.

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thanks but i am not larry dimarzio i try not to steal ideas :D

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