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Zweihorn Lacquer

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Hi all!

I've bought a Zweihorn lacque for mi guitar finishing.

The product is "super duroffix SDF-H". I've been said that

this lacquer has the same quality as the famous Votteler

lacquer. I don't know if the zweihorn lacquer is a nitro cellulosic

lacquer or a poliurethane one.

The lacquer link is:


and the product specs are:



And I was looking for someone who has used this product or

a person who can answer my question (is a nitro or not) from

reading the specs from the web. I suppose this kind of products

are only used by the european forum members but I can't get

any feedback from the manufacturer and I don't know where

can I ask!


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Needs nitrocellulose thinner, but nothing in the components suggests it's a 'celluloselak', which is what Nitro's called in German. Looks like Poly to me.

Voteller has a gamut of finishes, only one of which is nitro.

Thanks Mattia for your comment! It looked as a poly to me too

because I've not read before of a nitro lacquer reinforced with

polyurethane as the zweihorn specs said!

I was looking for the Votteler lacquer with code '04 005-1-0000' and

reference 'NC polishing and buffing lacquer'. All the info in the next


I've read a lot of good references and I want to try it. The problem

to get this lacquer is the shipment. In my country (Spain) I don't have a

Votteler distributor and I've to buy it in France. The shipment fees

are twice the lacquer price! Then, last summer, a friend of mine went

to France, near a Votteler distributor. The Votteler distributor

recommended him the zweihorn lacquer because he hasn't the Votteler

one in stock! and he trusted him, and he bought the lacquer for me.

Now, I'm trying to get all the info I can about this product, because I

suppose it's not the same a nitro finishing than a poly finishing, isn't it?


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It's polyurethane, according to the .pdf catalog they have on their page.

Super Duroffix

High-quality one-pack varnish for

greater demands. Polyurethane

enforced, with lightfastness additive,

It's not so easy. They say "Polyurethane enforced". In the lacquers

they can put a lot of types of resins. It could be a nitro lacqued with

polyurethane to reduce the drying time, for instance.


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