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Fixing Gibson finish!

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Hi all. I want to strip and refinish my 85 Gibson Invader. The body I should be able to do using a chemical stripper, but the neck is a different story. I want to keep the black headstock face with the Gibson logo intact. Problem is over the years it has been chipped on the corners and the finish has cracks all over it. It also had some kind of string retainer at one time and now there is big ugly holes above the nut. I also would like to keep the stamped serial number on the back, but it's not all that deep. Lastly when the neck was cleared they went over the sides of the ebony fretboard. I would like to make it a natural finish but keep all Gibson type stuff. Lastly, I tried to post pics of all this but couldn't get them to work. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.


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scott, yo all ya gotta do is ask! i love stripping guitars!its fun! but i do it with heat. its much easier and you dont have to worry about chemicals. as far as the neck we could work around the numbers and headstock. sometimes you can re-punch the numbers if you have a puch set wich i think i do, so it shouldnt be a problem. I'll send ya an email maybe we could do it this weekend.

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