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  1. I got some hardware from them before and was definately not impressed. I got neck mounting screws with the ferules so I didn't need a neck plate. First of all the screws were about 2.5 inches long so I couldn't even use them. I ordered black and thats what I got.....spraypainted on. And they were used. The black paint was worn off part of the screw head and the threads, and they were all covered in sawdust. When I called him on it he denied it, said it wasn't him that filled the order, and said they would replace them if I sent them back at my expense and payed shipping for the new parts
  2. Gobbo I see your a fan of punk music too. As far as best lyrics I agree with Bad Religion and NOFX. I also love Thrice and Strung Out. I've also been suprised about the improvement of AFI's lyrics. Other bands I always thought had good lyrics were Megadeth, Dead Kennedys and Dropkick Murphys and best funny lyrics have to be the Vandals and Tenacious D (they did the "tribute" song someone mentioned earlier) As for the worst lyrics I've ever heard I would have to say Jethro Tull and most grunge bands. Especially Nirvana, Sonic youth, some smashing pumpkins. But the absolute worst ly
  3. I also use the little two armed magnifiying man. I also bought a bag of the little alligator (or crocodile) clips for about 2 dollars. I use these to hold the wire to the little loop thing on the pots. It helped my soldering look 100% better than before.
  4. Hey Brain, could mine be "Lefties have rights too!" Thanks, Scott
  5. Wow Wes that guitar is gorgeous. I love the way that lam neck looks, espesially the accent piece up by the scarf joint. If you dont mind me asking did you glue that piece onto the seperate headstock piece and the glue the entire thing onto the neck. Also is that piece kind of wedge shaped getting smaller towards the FB or does it just look that way once the profile is shaped. The only problem with that guitar is that it's not left-handed, I couldn't play it.
  6. FWIW Warmoth has several tuner varieties in black (Gotoh, Schaller, Planet waves). I bought their schaller locking tuners and their pretty decent. Just have to remember loosen the locker on the back. I also have a set of Grover rotomatics non-locking which works well. Grover makes a locking tuner with some sort of cam that doesn't require a thumb screw to lock. I also hear good things about the planet waves if your willing to shell out the extra money.
  7. I thought about that, but my last name is Smith. Not exactly exciting and already been used anyway.
  8. O.k. thanks for your help everyone. The headstock is a 3 and 3 similar to a Les Paul. It's a quilted maple overlay, no color. The body is similar to a les paul or the single cut PRS. It is wine red also similar to the Les Paul color. It is a r-n-r guitar. Any more comments to help out?
  9. Thanks for the correction, it's been a while since the "rudiments of music" days. The memory isn't what it used to be.
  10. There are no such thing as minor notes, just minor chords and scales. The chords are typically comprised of the root note (first note of the scale) then a third above that and then a fourth above the second note. (I think thats right if I remember correctly.) The minor scale just refers to the spacing between the whole and half steps. A major scale is (w=whole, h=half) w-w-h-w-w-w-h and a minor scale is w-h-w-w-h-w-w As for the G-C-F thing. You don't have to change scale positions along with the chord changes as long as you can find some common ground that sounds good over all of them.
  11. Weeze, Thanks for fixing the pic for me. Thanks for your opinions too. Serioulsy, everyone tell me what you think, it's better to get it straight up than to put a Shi**y logo on my guitar. The star in #5 is just an old school type of star that I seem to be fond of, a popular tatoo among the punk rock scene. Nothing personal but I can't stand anything Billy Corgan has done. The last one I know has too much contrast, it is just rough, just wondering if anyone liked the odd lettering and layout. The ones that are hard to read are because of the pic itself. Does anyone have any other name
  12. www.freepicturehosting.com I'm nearing completion of my first full project and I'm having lots of trouble trying to make a logo I'm happy with. Let me know which ones if any you guys like. S.K.S. are my initials but I'm not even sold on going with that for a name. Seems like it's been done alot already. I'm a lefty so I was also thinking of some cool name that means lefthanded or opposite or something similar. Also is there anyone out there who's able to print waterslide decals or willing to part with a couple sheets of waterslide paper. Thanks for your help fellas Edit: sorry abo
  13. Larry Robinson has a how to inlay type book with lots of full color pages of his work. I got it for X-mas, its definately worth checking out.
  14. I believe in the tutorial that brian sugested re-routing the swimming pool to match your new wood as close as possilbe. That way less filler or wood is used.
  15. The radius of the tailpiece shouldn't matter as long as the strings don't cross the tune o matic at too harsh of an angle. Gotoh t-o-m also uses the 12" radius btw. I think thats the standard for most of em.
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