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I wouldn't feel comfortable identifying based on a picture alone, or even weight. Mahogany, like any wood, is variable. I will say that African (by which I mean Khaya) has a slightly reddish/pinkish hue under just the right angle. Otherwise, when finished, depending on the piece, it's not necessarily quickly identified.

Also, it's been covered before, but 'Phillipine Mahogany' ain't even related/in the same family as the real mahoganies (three of 'em; Swetinia Mahagonii, Microphylla and Macrophylla, the last of which is good 'ol Honduran), the Melicea. Nowhere near the workability, although the density's similar.

I agree with the others, the denser, the more snap, although I won't say one species has more snap than another. The african 'mahoganies' (Khaya, Sipo, Sapele) are generally denser, slightly coarser grained (particularly Khaya), but weights can vary from piece to piece, as can colour. Tone-wise, I feel they're more or less interchangable. All of 'em are perfectly lovely woods to build with. Not the Philipine (Luan). Wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.

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