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Old/broken Pickup?


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OK, this is gunna sound weird at first. But does anyone have an old or broken pickup that they wouldn't mind parting ways with, or was just gunna throw away because they don't want/need it anymore? Here's why, I wanna try and made figured wood bobbin tops (not just veneered tops). Here's the thread on it so far: Wood Bobbin Thread

So yeah, if you've got an old/broken pickup you know you won't need/want ever again... could I have it so I have something i KNOW I can't screw up on before I try it on a brand new pickup...

(Preferablly humbuckers, and without covers... however, at this point in time I'm open for ANY donations, cause like they say, beggars can't be chosers, and I can probably learn just as much from any type of pickup in the end).

Oh yeah, I'll pay the like $4 shipping it'll probably take to get it to Florida.

Thanks in Advance,


Post here or PM me if you've got one, and I'll get you S&H and my address.

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