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Edge Pro Vs Edge Pro Ii


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I'm not sure yet as its a auction, but not very much at all i don't think. Thing is, im left handed and am wishing to do the Edge Conversion (http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/rtltcon.htm)

Granted its a different model but i've checked it out and indeed the Edge Pro II also has the hole cut underneath to mount the bar. It seams a simple enough process :D

If i did go down this route i think i'd probably get the plate re-chromed.

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Slowly these Edge Pro trems are appearing on the bay. (Anywhere from $150-250.)

There has been considerable discussion about the quality of the Edge Pro trem compaired to the Lo Pro Edge trem (www.jemsite.com/forum). Most critique has been focussed around the lack of locking studs on the Edge Pro trem. Still the Edge Pro is considered as one of the best looking and performing trems on the market.

The Edge Pro II trem is piece of junk trem compairable with the old TRS trem. It looks like modern copy of old Edge trem but is of considerable less quality. It lacks the knife inserts.....and is made from inferrior metal. If you wanna go the Edge Pro II route......get the original Edge trem instead. It's still o.a. Satch favorite trems.

Want to get Edge Pro.....consider Edge Lo Pro......cheaper on the bay, even better quality.

This should be your general Ibanez trem hit list:

1. Edge Lo Pro (best bang for your buck, by most considered best trem Ibanez made)

2. Edge Pro (best looking trem on market, improve performance with Rich's stud mod (ibanezrules.com)

3. Original Floyd Rose....

Stay away from Edge Pro II, TRS and other low quality trems.

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