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Im Putting A Floyd On A Strat Copy, I Need Some...

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Hey guys, been awhile since I posted last. I was originally gonna do a V project, but money was an issue. check it out guys, I got a Liscenced floyd rose and I lost I think its called a string instert block. I need one fast I need this guitar by October 15th.

Here's some pic's of the saddle and mounting posts im thinking about buying, the only reason I was thinking about getting the mounting posts was because the one that I have came with the plates, and I dont see how it could float if it had that plate right there in the piviot.

The saddle

this is the other saddle, I have no idea wich on to get, please tell me!!!

Post and insert

Now here is my bridge. and saddles and all that good stuff.

First Pic

second pic

third pic

fourth pic.

Ok now guys, I really need to know which saddle to get, and also. do any of you have any templates, advice, or anything i need to know to make this lisenced floyd rose a floating liscensed floyd rose. Anything you can tell me would be very very very much appreciated!



PS: Sorry about putting pictures in the post the first time.

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You might want to check the picture rules, one max and these are too big.  Good luck with your problem. Jason

Sorry about the pic''s, but does anyone have any advice on any of this?, I really need this floyd. Im playing a show in like 10 more days and still dont have a floyd rose equipped guitar. I cant afford to buy a new one and none of the players around here use floating trems so I cant borrow one. Guys Im begging.



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