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Neck Scale Question

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The number of frets has nothing to do with the location of the bridge. Scale length has everything to do with bridge location. The only thing the number of frets might change is pickup placement. Seriously, look at those pics on the PRS site. You'll see the difference in the 22s & 24s.

And you might want to consider not starting up so many threads about the same project. :D

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Pickups can be moved a bit. Bridge is locked into the 25" scale length and is in the same place( otherwise you would be changing your scale length).


hi does the number of fretts (24 frett 25" scale and 22 frett 25" scale)  change the placement of the pickups and bridge?


thanks all i found a bridge placement calculator on stewmac i got the exact distance for the bridge placement for all the scales im considering.

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