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What's Inside A Rick-o-sound Splitter Box?

j. pierce

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I've got a guitar I wired up in stereo using the schematics off the Rickenbacker site. Works great and sounds awesome.

Only problem I've got is some nasty hum with some setups - I'm assuming it's a ground loop problem since with the box I've made to go from the stereo cable to the two mono cables I run to amps or whatever, the ground is the same between all three jacks.

I assume Rickenbackers Rick-o-sound boxes take care of this, but the going rate seems to be around 80 bucks - I assume that these use audio transformers to isolate the grounds, similar to the tail end of the hum free splitter at geofex but I'm not certain.

I can assemble electronics, (done my own stompboxes) I figure I can build one of these fairly easily. But anyway, does anyone know what the innards of one of these boxes looks like? I'm not always so great with designing or understanding what electronics are doing, so I figured I should make sure I'm on the right path before I start.

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