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Hi All.

About to order a unfinished body for one of my necks. I am going to primer this one to match one of my cars, and get that "Rat Rod" look. All of the CNC shops offer a choice of wood, which wood would take primer the best, what type of flat primer would work the best? (I have a TON of Rust-Oleum, but might try something lighter)

What kind of prep work is needed?

This will be my first time painting a guitar myself, and I'm used to prepping and primering rusty metal, not wood. Any tips appreciated.

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The Rustolem will work fine, thats actually the only thing I prefer from them I use the sandable grey. As far as woods go your starting to deal more with the ending tone result of your guitar so think what kind of tone you would prefer before choosing the wood. The primer and paint really doesn't care when it comes to the body as long as it is smooth yet has enough tooth for the paint to grab on to!

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Thanks, Guys.

My '73 Duster is Primer Gray with Primered sharkteeth on the front fenders, and my '66 Dart Wagon is Primered Two-Tone Black & White, so I have plenty of grey, black and white Rustoleum, and several different grits of emery cloth from those projects.

If the sandable gray goes onto the wood the best, I'm just wondering out loud if their flat black is safe as a topcoat over the gray. I'll test a few scraps before hitting the body so as to not screw myself up, here.

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