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First Project: Need Advice!

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Alright, I'm about to begin on my first project and could really use some advice.

I'm going to be attempting a 1950s-style Les Paul and plan on ordering the blueprints from Stewmac.

Really, I just need some tips on what to avoid and be wary of, and tips on doing the neck-through.

Any advice you could offer would be amazing.


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Read 'Make Your Own Electric Guitar' back to back a few times, peruse the various relevant tutorials (neck angles, top carving in particular). Think every step through, and try to consider whether what you do is going to make something you still need to do easier, or harder.

Also...neck through? Wuh? Les Pauls are the quintessential set neck guitars, and they've got a ton of room for a very nice, big, sturdy tenon.

One thing I'd seriously considering doing on a Les Paul-alike: volute, and a scarf-jointed headstock.

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Well, all you gotta do is donate to this site (you might as well because you're going to LIVING here during your build :D ) --you'll get access to a number of LP plans. Might not be as accurate as you're looking for though, but the plan I've seen looks pretty good.

My only suggestion right now would be --put a little bit of yourself in there. I mean, why get hung up on making an exact replica of that Gibson? Make the guitar that's really going to suit YOU.

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Best advice any one could give;

1. Post in the correct forum

2. Read this entire forum & the main site before asking 1 single question.

3. Utilize the search feature

Thank you for that insight. So, what would be the correct forum to post this in (since I will be posting updates as I start and progress with this project)?

How do you know that I haven't read 3/4 of the forum in preparation for starting this project?

How do you know I haven't used the search feature?

I mean, I didn't really ask a question that's asked all the time: just if anyone could offer me some advice on getting started with a Les Paul.

I do plan on putting a bit of my own design into it, but Les Pauls have always been one of my favorite playing/feeling guitars and I think it would be the most satisfying first build possible to get it as close to an original as I can!

When I said neck-through, I was thinking of a project I had just seen. Brain kind of malfunctions before 12 PM.

Anyway, sorry if I posted in the wrong forum or asked a question that has been asked millions of times already and thanks for the input so far. I'm going to be starting on this within the next few days so I'll be posting pictures as progress is made (and will be donating to the site too!).

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