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Hey I am making a mini strat and anyways, I was shaping the neck today (a 1 piece with a skunk stripe) and by accident I found out that the skunk stripe was really thin like a veneer , because the double rod trussrod was so big, when i pressed on the skunk stripe it just collapsed .so what i want to know is how i can fix this problem, there is maybe 1 or 2 mm of space left, maybe a one rod truss rod? but I have no clue how they work or how to fit one into a strat neck.

Oh also i cant route any deeper because it would go into the fretboard.


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OK first of all you should know that I have no experience it this, so this is just how I see it. No doubt someone else will come in with either a better way of doing this or to tell you not to do it this way.

I take it that the double rod truss rod that you mention is the one with two rods running along the length rather than the double action truss road that just has a single bar.

If I remember correctly fender usualy uses a curved channel for the rod to sit in and a single rod. So you can either glue in a new peice of wood to fill out what you have already routed and reroute with a curved channel, I'm sure there some tutorials about routing the curved channel. Or you could use one of the u channel truss rods and route a straight channel. Hopefully this will be a little wider than the channel that you have already made so that you wont be able to see the filling strip either side of the skunk stripe.

You'll have to be careful as some truss rods require shaped channels (for securing the rods at the end) and I don't think that these are suitable for skunk strips, although I'll never deny the possablility that I could be wrong.

Either way, I think this will be fixable. Hope this helped a little, but I'd wait until you have a word from someone more experienced before you carry on.

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Yeah thats what i was thinking.

So I guess I will find out how fender truss rods work, and make one and yes it is the two rods beside each other not the double action one.

Another option would be to protect the trussrod and fill the gap with synthetic putty but that wouldn't be my ideal solution because I like the contrasting colours of the wood and although you can get different coloured fillers It wouldnt be the same.

I think what your talking about with the single rod is the one how it is bent at 90 degrees on one end and i could understand who you could see a problem using one with a truss rod, but fender uses both a single rod and a skunk stripe so there must be some way to do it.

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