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How Do You Make Pickup Templates

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I'm working on a pickup template here --it's for a set of toaster pickups, not something I imagine I'd find online. Besides, what's the point of buying templates when you can make your own.

My method so far is to draw the shape onto my MDF, then jigsaw that pretty close to the line. Then I take some fine files to it and shave it neat to the line.

So far it's working okay. Except it takes a long time.

So I'm wondering... how do YOU make your pickup templates? (Well, this goes for any pocket/cavity template I guess)

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Up until recently I was using a milling vise on a drill press with a router bit chucked in it. (this is hard on the bearings of your drill press by the way) This way you can get the straight lines without too much messing with files. Otherwise rough the shape close and clean it up with a file.

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