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Epiphone Supernova With Snapped Neck

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i've got an Epiphone Supernova with a cracked neck at the headstock joint, the repair tutorial on the projectguitar site is very helpful, but as this is a set neck, is it as easy to repair as the bolt-on neck shown?

can i get a clamp that will reach the full length of the guitar?

i'd love to get this fixed as it was a bargain in this condition.

if it can't be fixed by me, any ideas on how much it'll cost to have fixed in the UK?

thanks a lot to anyone who helps

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You don't need the long clamp, you can do just as well with a few relatively simple jigs and clamping cauls. Try registering on the mimf (www.mimf.com) and searching the library for 'erickson headstock repair' for some ideas.

If you're interested in getting it repaired, and you're around North London, shoot me PM and we can discuss it.

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The surface area is pretty small and you may run into problems if its just glued up. I have seen nearly as bad just glued and it was ok. If it were me i would use a couple of splints, this of course mean harder refinishing, i cant say for certain without having it my hands. It worth getting fixed though.

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Ouch - that's a nasty break, very few long fibres survived :D

I think that is probably a good case for a back strap - where a thick (3mm ish) veneer is added to the head stock, and continued down the back of the neck to strengthen the glue joint. That's a bitch of a job on a guitar with a metallic finish, unless you're happy to settle for a structural job, without finish repair.

Look here: http://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Luthier/Te.../phoverlay.html

The other alternative is scarfing on a whole new head, but that's also and expensive route. I'd wait and see what other folks think, but it looks bad to me.

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Splints or "keyed-in plugs" is the only repair possible as there is not a lot of available glueing surface. Reattach the headstock temporarily and cut 2 slots (about 1" long X 3/8" wide X 1/4" deep) that run across the break on the back of the neck and on either side of the truss rod. The slots can be made with a dremel, router or carefully with a chisel but try to get them uniform and not too close to the truss rod.

Then make 2 hardwood plugs that will fit snugly in the slots but will sit higher than the surrounding neck surface. Glue the break and fit together as tight as you can. If you can find a way to clamp it without slipping while keeping it straight that would be great! I would clamp with a straightedge along the front. Glue the slots and insert the plugs, then clamp tightly. Wipe off squeezed out glue and leave overnight.

Cut, file and sand the plugs down to conform with the rest of the neck. A little refinishing will be required. Thats too bad as the guitar's existing finish looks pretty good and you would be hard pressed to get it looking right without having to refin the whole neck.

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